Project Overview

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Alliston Industrial Business Park

The Alliston Industrial Business Park will provide a variety in opportunity and acreage with a prime location in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Permitted “Urban Industrial” uses for the land include, but are not limited to:

  • Research and development facilities;
  • Computer electronic and data processing facilities;
  • Warehouses and transportation terminals;
  • Printing and associated service establishments;
  • Business and professional offices;
  • Multi-use buildings, containing one or more permitted use;
  • Automotive and bulk fuel depots;
  • Manufacturing warehousing facilities;
  • Maintenance and body shops; and,
  • Open storage

For Sale: Industrial Land

  • Serviced industrial lots available from 1 to 150 acres;
  • Developed industrial lots on schedule to be available in 2014;
  • CP Rail Line access along western boundary (potential rail spur opportunity)
  • Light and heavy industrial uses permitted as per zoning by-law
  • 17.0 km to Highway 400, a direct connect to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA);
  • 4.5 km East of Highway 50, a direct connection to the GTA;
  • 53.0 km North of Toronto and Lester B. Pearson International Airport;
  • Positioned directly across from the Honda Alliston Plant;
  • Direct exposure to high traffic count road: Industrial Parkway;
  • Urban industrial zoning allows for a variety of light and heavy industrial uses;
  • A one-day trucking distance to 120 million North American consumers
  • Approximately 6.2 million people live within a 170.0 km radius of Alliston, Simcoe County
  • Potential to build up to 2 million square feet of industrial space on entirety of blocks included in draft plan
  • Inquire with Walton Group development team regarding potential hotel and gas station opportunities


  • Premium Industrial Lots - $425,000/acre
  • Standard Industrial Lots - $370,000/acre


County of Simcoe Official Plan (County OP)1

The subject lands are deemed part of a settlement area in the County of Simcoe Official Plan.  Section 3.5 of the County Official Plan states that settlement areas should be planned to accommodate a diversity of land uses, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional, to reinforce their traditional role as central places and service centres.

Town of New Tecumseth Official Plan (Town OP)2

The subject lands are designated Employment Area Two on Schedule A of the Town of New Tecumseth Official Plan.

Permitted land uses within this designation are limited to:

  • Computer, electronic and data processing facilities;
  • Research and development facilities;
  • Printing and associated service establishments;
  • Industrial uses;
  • Warehouses and transportation terminals;
  • Business and professional offices that are a component of the above referenced uses; and,
  • Multi-use buildings, containing one or more of the uses permitted in this designation and/or business and professional offices.

The proposed industrial plan of subdivision is permitted by the land use designation of the subject lands.

 Zoning Bylaw No. 96-1033

 The subject property is zoned Urban Industrial (UM*H5) on Schedule A of Zoning By-Law 96-103. Permitted uses within this zone include:

  • Accessory administrative offices;
  • Accessory retail sale of goods produced on the premise;
  • Accessory uses and structures;
  • Automotive body shop;
  • Automotive maintenance garage;
  • Private airfield;
  • Bulk fuel depot;
  • Contractor’s shop or yard;
  • Dry-cleaning establishment;
  • Manufacturing and warehousing facilities;
  • Printing and publishing establishment; and,
  • Propane and natural gas conversion and distribution establishment.

The minimum lot frontage and minimum lot area requirements in the UM*H5 zone are 45 meters and 200 square meters respectively. All industrial lots proposed in the draft Plan of Subdivision comply with the above minimum requirements.

In accordance with the Zoning Bylaw 96-103, the removal of the Holding (*H5) symbol will occur once uncommitted servicing capacity has been allocated to the subject lands.

1 Report #PD-2012-15, Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision – Simcoe County Official Plan
2 Report #PD-2012-15, Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision – Town of New Tecumseth Official Plan
3 Report #PD-2012-15, Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision – Zoning By-Law No. 96-103